the fabric

The memory mesh fabric, while strong and flexible, will always regain its original shape. Just toss it in the washer. Since the fabric is machine washable, you're able to reduce the reproduction of hazardous microorganisms and clean up any mess that may have been caused by your produce. Simply put it through a cycle and you have a bag that's as good as new. Bag Again is so compact and light (weighing only .03 oz), you won't have a problem carrying one (or as many as you like) wherever you go; in your pocket, purse, or car. The only thing left to do if you haven't already is buy one! or three!

The design is more than just aesthetic and convenience, though.

From the outside - literally - in, our bag is green. The recycling process is so efficient we're able to create one bag out of each plastic bottle that is recycled. Although we believe the sustainability and longevity of the bag is enough reason to say no to paper or plastic ever again, the design of the bag is much more than that. The memory mesh is woven tight enough to hold hundreds of times its weight, but loose enough to let dangerous gases escape - increasing the life of your product - and allowing you to wash it directly in the bag.

One bottle, one bag.

Our unique memory mesh fabric is made from recycled bottles, and it only takes one to create a bag. Look around your home; how many bottles do you have waiting to be made into a Bag Again bag?

Bag Again was created to replace common plastic and paper bags provided by grocer and big-box retailers. Its elastic design allows it to stretch to accommodate fruits and vegetables; its memory weave allows it to regain its tiny, portable shape that can be conveniently placed in a bag or even a pocket. The beautiful eco-green color of the bag not only stands out, but matches the ultimate goal of Bag Again: a greener, sustainable Earth.

Bag Again is more than just a bag, we think it's a step towards a healthier lifestyle, planet, and thinking.
We hope that some day soon we will see the end of plastic and paper bags as more eco-conscious consumers carry around sustainable and reusable bags like Bag Again.

about the bag

the process

From the water to the bottles, from first stitch until the ink is dry on the tags; our product is 99.7% recycled and responsibly made. Only the thread that we use to sew it together is not made of recyclable material.  Our production facility is based in Spencer, Iowa and they are dedicated every day, just like us, to practices that create a healthier planet. It was important that in the process of creating our bags that we found a manufacturing partner that shared our vision.

The life of our bags begins with a water bottle, using a process called Repreve, one water bottle is woven into the fabric needed to create one bag. The info-graphic to the right highlights the process of Repreve.