THERE ARE MANY REASONS TO SWITCH TO bag again, here are just a few:

  • Decrease our dependency on petroleum
  • Recycles one plastic bottle for each bag: one bottle, one bag
  • Keeps plastic bags out of landfills and oceans
  • Less plastic means less wildlife killed or injured by plastic litter

Bag Again is more than just a bag, we think it's a step towards a healthier lifestyle, planet, and thinking.
We hope that some day soon we will see the end of plastic and paper bags as more eco-conscious consumers carry around sustainable and reusable bags like Bag Again.

the experts

We've tried to think of everything when designing Bag Again: comfort, mobility, fabric, and creation. We've had to completely start over more than once to get it right. Sourcing the best recycling and production facility, soy-based inks with recycled paper, and responsible labor. The bag itself is super convenient - you can even carry it in your pocket, it holds a hundred times its weight, and stretches many times its size. Purchase a couple and completely eliminate your need for another produce bag again.


Just one person replacing their everyday grocery bag with a reusable bag, like Bag Again, will reduce the amount of grocery bags in landfills - yearly - by 130. We share in the movement towards more sustainable, green (like our bag!), eco-friendly lifestyles. We have a simple belief that even the smallest thing, like a grocery bag, can have a large impact on a global movement towards saving not only the landfills, but our planet. We believe that it's our responsibility as global citizens and stewards to make more conscious decisions on how we leave our imprint on the planet's ecology.